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In my search for OBD-II Diagnostic tools I have found the following links to be the most interesting.


http://www.scantool.net - This particular site has low cost OBD-II module and an open-source software. The FREE software has enough functionality to save you big bucks on it's own, but if you feel like tinkering with the software, then you could probably significantly expand the capability. I find the open-software a very interesting feature for this tool and there are many programs that others have developed for their products as well.

http://www.thinkythings.org/obdii/ - Check out this quick little How-To to see how easy it really is to get data from your car that will save you the $$$.

http://www.obddiagnostics.com/ - Here is another site that I find useful. It has the right combination of easy use for the person looking for diagnostics, and it has sample programming code and electrical schematics for the DiY guy (ok! ok! and gals). The FREE software has a nice simulation option for testing before you buy. I really liked the software.

http://www.obdscan.net/ - This is the site where I bought my OBD-II scan module. About 5 years ago there were not too many choices and this was one of the cheapest I found. The FREE software has improved greatly over the years and I have saved hundreds of dollars diagnosing my cars and probably thousands of dollars helping friends and family. This is a well developed and mature product line. I have used this product on an old laptop running Win98, which has kept me from some of the newer software, but I am testing the newer software now.

http://freediag.sourceforge.net/ - Here is a open-source FREE program to interface with OBD-II hardware. Typical of open-source projects, they start with a good idea, they get it to work, and then little to nothing happens after that. However, the kool factor is definitely present. A great place to learn code for communication with OBD-II hardware, but I doubt many will find this a useful tool compared with what is available today.

http://ecomodder.com/forum/showthread.php/mpguino-release-one-workspace-2115.html - If you are a person that likes tinker torture or a person that can't help themselves from thinking that spending 100 hours on a project to save $30 is actually a good deal or a person that realizes that the project you justified with your wife as a money saver cost 3 times as more than the savings you projected, THEN this site is for you.

http://www.scangauge.com/ - For those looking to save more than you pay for a device and all it takes is locating the OBD-II port and plugging it in, check this one out. Truly, if you use this device as feedback to your driving habits, you will save more than the cost in a very short time. Quite honestly, I am surprised Detroit has not created this as a standard feature a long time ago.

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