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We have come a long way Baby! Instead of covering the history of the beginnings of the motorcycle, which is fascinating in it's own right, I thought for the motorcycle crowd we should start out with the insane excitement that really got this party started. In about a 100 years you can see the development of two wild motorcycles. As you can see the creators of motorcycles have no lack of imagination, and it all centers around one thing... The unrelenting surge of adrenaline of cheating death each time you jump on these CO2 Spitting Dragons. The 1907 Curtiss V-8 with nearly 40 H.P. created a speed record of 136 mph. You see the creator Glenn Curtis was a motorcycle enthusiast that was so good at creating light weight high power engines that he was asked to create this air-cooled V-8 engine for an airplane. However, no self respecting motorcycle enthusiast could resist slapping this monster on two wheels. And that he did. He took it to Ormond Beach, FL to a motorcycle rally on the beach and set a record of 136 mph that lasted for over 20 years. In contrast we have the 2003 Dodge Tomahawk. In the same spirit, the designers took the V-10 Engine from a Dodge Viper and made a place to sit. With 500 H.P. under your legs, you better hold on. The question I have is, where do we go from here?

1907 Curtiss V-8 Motorcycle 2003 Dodge Tomahawk



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