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My original Goal was to create a website that is the most comprehensive website for Automobiles. However, as I soon found out while looking for a Domain Name that there were not many good choices related to cars. Some how I came up with Combustory and it made me think of the History of Combustibles in general. So I decided on a site that would include all machines dependent on Combustibles. As you can see from the list below it is a fairly significant task that will require a world of help, so please feel free to join in the task by emailing me to create an account and start creating content.

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Roadside Assistance Required


Quick Instructions

  • Move seat all the way back and put steering tilt all the way up
  • Start car and move steering until the coupling nut is facing down then shut of car
  • Disconnect Battery and wait 15 minutes (This is to prevent the air bag from KILLING you)
  • Remove front plastic under dash cover using 8mm socket with nut driver (4 screws)
  • Remove the front sheet metal plenum using 8mm socket with nut driver (2 screws)
  • Take off the center post using 15mm socket, deep socket or wrench (4 nuts)
  • Take off the coupling nut using 15mm socket with breaker bar and remove bolt
  • Remove lower steering column nuts using 15mm socket, deep socket or wrench (2 nuts)
  • Remove upper steering column nuts using 15mm socket or deep socket with the 6" extension and socket wrench by going through the front plenum access (2 nuts)
  • The steering column will drop down and then you can move the column out of the coupling
  • Lay the lower flange on the brake pedal bar and have someone hold the steering wheel up
  • Prop the steering wheel up with a 21" 2x4 on the seat
  • Remove the sensor
    • By using the curved probe to push sensor out through the slots behind the plastic clips while gently pulling back the plastic clips at the same time until the sensor clears the clip
    • Do one clip at a time until all three are cleared
    • Push out evenly from behind each clip until the sensor is completely out of the clips
    • Slide Sensor off the shaft
  • Disconnect the sensor connector
    • Remove the foam from around the connector
    • Remove the green plastic safety lock
    • Press the latch and disconnect
  • Install new sensor
    • Connect the new sensor wires, replace the connector safety clip and cover connector with duct tape or electrical tape
    • Make sure the wire bulge on the sensor is facing toward the steering wheel when you slide the sensor on steering column
    • Align the wire bulge with the wire slot on the plastic retaining clip
    • Press sensor into the clips with even pressure until it snaps in place

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